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Some Fee Changes as of 7/1/14

Beginning July 1, 2014 the initial fees for licensure will change to a single flat fee.  The fee will no longer be a prorated amount which had been based on when the applicant’s first renewal was due.  By changing this fee to a set amount the applicant will be able to pay both the application fee and the initial fee when submitting their application, thereby eliminating an extra step and issuing a license more quickly.  The actual costs to the applicant, on average [see Fees], are not affected by this change, but it does streamline the processing for both the applicant and the Board.


The new applications are on the website under Licensing.  Note:  this does not affect Residents, Guest or Limited Faculty applications.


Also, the fee for the mini license has changed to $15.  There is application form to order duplicate licenses, certificates and mini licenses under Forms


OET Surcharge

A law passed by the 2009 Minnesota Legislature, initiated by the Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology (OET), requires a 10% surcharge of no less than $5 and no more than $150 on each business, commercial, professional or occupational license. The OET will establish a statewide “one stop” electronic licensing system with the money collected.


Initially, the Board of Dentistry absorbed the OET surcharge for licensees, but is no longer able to absorb this cost based on budget reductions and projections. Paper and online renewal and initial license fees will be assessed the OET surcharge until June 30, 2015.


Questions regarding the OET surcharge or OET’s e-Licensing project may be directed to OET at 651.201-1118 or your Leg  

New Rules Effective July 1, 2013

A number of rule changes have completed the rulemaking process becoming effective on July 1, 2013.  Minnesota regulated dental professionals are responsible for knowing and complying with the requirements of the new rules.

In summary, the new rules include the following:

  • Codifies Board processes and requirement for licensure of Limited General Dentists
  • Clarifies requirement to maintain a consecutive (or continuous) and current CPR certificate
  • Creates the option of an interview requirement for individuals reinstating licensure after 24 months
  • Allows professional development credit for leadership or committee involvement with the Board or dental professional associations
  • Adds a professional development portfolio audit fee for failing more than one audit
  • Adds Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology as a recognized specialty area
  • Allows assistants to apply fluoride varnish in a community setting under specific parameters
  • Allows licensed dental assistants under general supervision to perform preliminary charting of the oral cavity, take photographs, and take vital signs
  • Requires that progress notes must be legible, and identify the collaborating dentist (if any) by documenting their license number
  • Requires that radiographic images (film, digital, or printed) that are transferred be of diagnostic quality

RxSentry Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)

The RxSentry Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) controlled substance prescription database went "live" on April 15, 2010, and the PMP database is now available to licensed prescribers and pharmacists approved for access to the PMP to look up patient profile information on patients that they are currently treating.


The purpose of the PMP is to promote public health and welfare by detecting diversion, abuse, and misuse for the prescription medications classified as controlled substances under the Minnesota statutes. For more information about PMP, please review the FAQs (and other menu items) at: www.pmp.pharmacy.state.mn.us/faq.html


To apply for access to this database, you may go to the PMP web site at www.pmp.pharmacy.state.mn.us, click on “Access Request Forms”, print the “Prescriber Access Request” form and follow the instructions provided to request the needed access.


Interested in Active or Completed Rulemaking Projects?
See the Board's Public Rulemaking Docket and a separate listing of the same documents stated within the Docket for Proposed/Adopted Rules.  Click on Statutes & Rules to the left of this webpage to review this information or   read more...
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The Minnesota Responds Medical Reserve Corps is a registry of names, contact and skill information of people in health occupations wanting to volunteer in the event of a public health emergency.

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